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"Pope Francis Sent Me a Letter. It Gives Me Hope as a Gay Catholic."

     —The New York Times (Leer en español)

"LGBTQ Catholics are once again wondering whether we belong"

     —The Washington Post

"New book details Catholics who showed mercy—not fear—to AIDS patients despite Church's stance"





"'Hidden Mercy' shines light on nuns, priests who responded to AIDS with compassion"

     —NBC News

"Pope honors Catholic priests, nuns who cared for HIV victims"

     —AP | (Leer en español)

Review: "This poignant account shines a well-deserved spotlight on Catholics who chose compassion over fear."

     —Publishers Weekly

"Michael O'Loughlin On AIDS And The Church"

     —The Dishcast with Andrew Sullivan


Review: " essential historical addition..."


Review: "O’Loughlin has done invaluable work by excavating and preserving these stories."


Review: "...vital, necessary, timely, and pointed at a broad Catholic readership..."


Review: "...provides a means of healing, hope and inspiration..."

     —National Catholic Reporter

Review: "A superb unravelling of the Catholic Church in the midst of the Aids crisis."

     —The Tablet

Review: "O'Loughlin challenges fight injustice"


"Most Anticipated LGBTQIA+ Literature"

     —Lambda Literary

"Pope thanks religious, lay people who help HIV/AIDS patients"

     —Vatican News

"On World AIDS Day, Pope calls for renewed solidarity with victims"


"In new letter, Pope Francis praises priests, nuns who cared for AIDS victims"

     —National Catholic Reporter

"Pope Francis thanks America’s Michael J. O’Loughlin for reporting on Catholic responses to H.I.V./AIDS"


"Pope Francis praises book detailing LGBTQ ministry during HIV/AIDS pandemic"


"Hidden No More"

     —Chicago Reader

"What we're reading this month"

     —U.S. Catholic

"New book tells untold stories of queer Catholics in the 1980s"

     —Bay Area Reporter

"'Hidden Mercy’ brought to light for World AIDS Day"

     —Jersey Journal

"An Interview With 'Hidden Mercy' Author Michael O’Loughlin"

     —Seattle Spectator

"Author Michael J. O'Loughlin"

    —Hugh Hewitt Radio Show

Review: "...filled with inspiring characters and stories..."

     —Chicago Catholic

Review: "...captivating..."

     —Bay Area Reporter

"The Catholic Church and the global HIV/AIDS crisis"

     —Chicago Catholic

"Winter Reading Recommendations"

     —The Revealer

"New Book on AIDS Highlights Compassion of Sisters and Colleagues at St. Vincent’s"

     —Sisters of Charity of New York

Review: "We gain inspiration, and understand our own struggles more clearly..."

     —Positive Faith

"Book explores role of Catholics in AIDS crisis during 80s and 90s"


"The Untold Stories of AIDS and the Catholic Church"

     —Religion & Politics

Review: "...paints a complex picture..."

     —The Jesuit Post

"Pride, prejudice, and the pope."

     —Irish Central

"Celebrate Pride Month with books that honor all as 'wonderfully made'"

     —National Catholic Reporter

Interview: The Roundtable, WAMC Northeast Public Radio

"Learning about our history"


"Gay and Catholic: Memories of Trauma and Compassion During the AIDS Crisis"

     —Interfaith Voices Radio

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