The Catholic nun who came to New York to confront the AIDS crisis

The Daily Beast | January 2019

My profile of Carol Baltosiewich, who as a Catholic sister in the 1980s uprooted her life in small town and moved to New York City to learn all she could about ministering to people with HIV and AIDS.

From the story:

For Sister Carol Baltosiewich, a typical day in 1987 meant listening to a lot of stories about gay sex.
The Catholic sister from the small city of Belleville, Illinois, recently recalled one such day in which she was holed up in a hospital conference room fielding telephone calls from nervous New Yorkers.
One after another, their voices tinged with fear, they asked her which sex acts might put them at risk of acquiring HIV.
Sister Carol tried to put the callers at ease, but she grew frustrated, with both her lack of knowledge and her inability to console the callers.
So she left and walked back to the convent in Hell’s Kitchen where she was staying with a group of other Catholic sisters. What on earth she was doing in New York?, she wondered.

Read the full story at The Daily Beast.

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