Meet the Vatican team running for the greater glory of God (and maybe the Olympics)

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

America | March 2019

A new running team composed of Vatican residents and workers is aiming for glory—maybe even at the Olympics.

From the story:

Rome is a city whose very essence compels people to look up. For this I am thankful, especially when, one evening during a reporting trip here in February, I descend down the few dozen steps leading from a bridge just across from the second-century Castel Sant’Angelo toward the banks of the Tiber River. Down here, Rome is, well, unbeautiful. A two-lane trail provides traffic-free pavement for runners and cyclists, but graffiti adorn the massive stone walls. Garbage accumulates on the riverbank. Stray shoes—only one at a time, never a pair—dot the trail. During one run last year, I dodged police vehicles zooming toward what turned out to be a crime scene; I read the next day a body had been found. Luckily, runners can always look up for inspiration. So I do.

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