Being gay at a Catholic university

Religion & Politics | June 2013

What happens when LGBT students try to organize at Catholic colleges and universities in the United States? I visited several to find out.

From my story:

Though there appears not to be any definitive list, both liberal and conservative Catholic groups report that scores of Catholic colleges and universities now offer some sort of programming, counseling opportunities, or student groups geared specifically for LGBT students. At many institutions, anecdotal evidence suggests that vibrant gay and lesbian communities thrive even if the school prefers to lie low on the issue of LGBT equality. I wanted to see firsthand what had changed since I was a student. During the last academic year, I made cross-country visits to several Catholic colleges and universities, all of which are on different points on the spectrum of Catholic culture. I wanted to see what resources are available on Catholic campuses for LGBT students and how the administration reacts. What do the future lay leaders of the Catholic Church, still one of the most politically potent institutions in the U.S., believe about gay rights? How do their schools shape their views? And how will they shape the Catholic Church?

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